Stand with Scott Miller

Help him Reinstate his Medical License

Miller Family Pediatrics

Medical license suspended on false charges

"A Washington man has had his Physician Assistant license suspended on claims that he prescribed ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19." - CH 6 News

So say the reporters. When in fact, Scott Miller of Miller Family Pediatrics has treated well over 1,300 covid patients. The only 2 who passed away did so in the hospital's care, and did not follow his prescribed protocol.

"Miller is well known in the community advocating for patient care, boosting their immune system, and encouraging patients to advocate for themselves." - Clark County Today

Update on his legal fund: There was some confusion on 10/19 regarding Scott's GoFundMe. Fortunately, the Millers have received ALL donations from that account. However, moving forward, they will be using GiveSendGo instead.

Scott is loved by the community and trusted for his medical advice. We need his license reinstated so he can continue treating our families medical needs. He has a hearing before the medical board in November. We are hoping for a positive outcome. Scott has sacrificed everything to help us stay healthy. Now we must stand with him.

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